Latest status of two French spies in Iran

Tehran (IP) Iranian Judiciary Spokesman about the latest situation of two French spies detained in Iran said that they are under detention pending trial and the cases of theire accomplices are under investigation.

Iran PressIran News: Speaking in his weekly presser to the reporters, Setayshi said: "The cases of these two people were charged with gathering intelligence and colluding with opposition activists with the intent to harm national security, currently are under detention pending trial.

He said that those who are their accomplices are under investigation, adding that their case is confidential and will be dealt with in the prosecutor's office.

Stating that in Iran, July 3 is named as the day of disclosure against American human rights, the spokesperson of the Judiciary added: Iran does not accept any discrimination in defending human rights and considers it its duty to protect the rights of oppressed nations.

Referring to America's cruelty to Iran, Setayshi said: "The American government is the biggest violator of human rights in the world. They think they own the whole world, but they should know that the "Resistance" will give a decisive response.

In response to a question about Hamid Nouri's trial in Sweden, he said: Mr. Nouri has been in solitary confinement for two years and eight months. Are these human rights? Nouri has vision problems that are worrying, and he is not allowed access to an ophthalmologist, although his eyesight is worsening

He further said: "The judge said in the last court session that all restrictions will be removed, but not only they have not been removed but they have been intensified."

Setayshi stated: that Nouri's family recently traveled to Sweden, but they were still not allowed to visit, and even the lawyers there has minimal contact with him.


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