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Tehran (IP) - Iran's Minister of Economy emphasized that The economic headquarters of the government is trying to restore the investment routes in the country's economy

Iran PressIran news: International Summit of Investment Opportunities in Tehran is being held on the 6th and 7th of July 2022 at Milad Tower in Tehran.

The Minister of Economy and Finance, Ehsan Khandozi, Chairman of City Council of Tehran, Mehdi Chamran, the Mayor of Tehran, Alireza Zakani, a group of managers, elites and activists in the field of urban economy attended the ceremony.

The popularization of the urban economy and the participation of the private sector in urban projects are among the goals of this conference.

Attending the International Summit Conference of Investment Opportunities, Iran's Minister of Economy, Ehsan Khandozi, emphasized: "There should be enough positive attractions to invest in productive sectors, and if we do not remove the obstacles, we cannot expect the best possible results, so all the investment routes are trying to be returned."

He added: "We must encourage investors to enter into production projects and make everything easy for them to invest, not discourage them by tough licensing systems and cumbersome laws."

The Minister of Economy stated: "In the field of licenses, we tried to facilitate the issuance of licenses in the 13th administration."

He said: "We hope to see a turning point in the economic index this year, the investment paths will change from non-productive to productive, and investors' confidence will increase."


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