Tehran (IP) - Iran strongly rejected the UK's claim that one of its warships had seized advanced Iranian missiles bound for Yemen.

Iran PressIran News: The UK Ministry of Defence has claimed that in early 2022, whilst on routine maritime security operations, the Royal Navy ship HMS Montrose allegedly seized Iranian weapons from speedboats being operated by smugglers in international waters south of Iran.

"By continuously selling advanced weapons to the self-proclaimed military coalition against the defenseless people of Yemen, Britain has been a partner in war and aggression against Yemen, and it assumes a humanitarian face," Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman Nasser Kanani said late Thursday.

The Iranian diplomat stated, "According to the news and statistics of the British media, this country has sold about 8 billion pounds of advanced weapons, including bombs, air-to-ground and guided missiles, and fighter jets, to the anti-Yemen coalition since the beginning of the military invasion of Yemen. The figure increases several times by taking into account the special licenses that the UK government has issued to the arms manufacturers." 

Kanani further added, "In fact, the UK has provided these weapons to the aggressors, knowing that war crimes have been committed by the aggressor coalition against the defenseless people of Yemen."

"Undoubtedly, the continued export of British arms to the anti-Yemen coalition has been one of the reasons for the continuation of the anti-human war in Yemen, so the UK does not have the moral authority to make a claim against the Islamic Republic of Iran," Kanani concluded.

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