The president of Iran's Supreme  National Defense University emphasized that Iran is ready to send military aids to other countries.

Iran news/ According to an Iranpress report, Iran's head of the  Supreme  national Defense University and former defense minister under Mahmood Ahmadi Nejad,   Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi  on Monday,Oct 1,2018, emphasized  the  role that  Iranian military forces  can play as   the  military aides in other countries     to the extent that he described it as one of the  6 important points which he called  as  the main missions of the Iran's Supreme national defense University  .


FurthermoreIran Top military  official  explained   those   important items as follows:1.Educating and training of the  managers with strategic and revolutionary  knowledge 2.Scientific  productivity  as well as ability to theorize. 3.the capability of meeting strategic needs in the  military as  well as  in an national scale.  4. Paving ground for discourse  together with development of strategic thinking. 5. Supplying other countries with military advisers and aids 6 being equipped with diplomacy of  scientific ,defensive and security nature.


While stressing the fact that the main deference between Iran's universities and that of the Western world  is that "the graduates    of the Western universities have never learned about open mindedness", he went on to call it as the main reason   why they would never protest against crimes targeting   humanity  all around the world, including Yemen.


Brigadier Vahidi's remarks came on inauguration of  the    new Academic year. The event was also  attended by some of Iran's top military  and academic officials as well as the cadets  of  the  Supreme  national Defense University in the Iranian capital of Tehran on Monday ,October 1,2018.


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