Thousands of Yemenis have taken to the streets of Sa'daa as well as the Capital city of Sana'a on Friday, to protest against the Saudi-led aggression on their home land.

Middle East: According to an Iran press report, residents of Sa'daa, located in north-western Yemen staged a rally on Friday October 5, 2018, to protest against the Saudi aggression, stressing that the invaders seek to dominate Yemen.

On the same day, the tens of thousands of demonstrators in Sana'a also slammed the ongoing Saudi-led war against Yemeni people in which thousands of civilians have been killed during the war.

Furthermore, Yemeni Ansarullah leader Abdul Malek Badr al-Din al-Houthi, on Thursday, October 4  called for  end of Saudi aggression  in the war-torn country.

'We will not surrender,' Abdul Malek Badr al-Din al-Houthi said in a local ceremony. He noted that the Sana'a-based Ansarullah seeks peace in Yemen and ending the enemies' aggression and invasion.

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Saudi Arabia, with America's full support, has been involved in a brutal military aggression and invasion of Yemen since March 2015.

The United Arab Emirates is also heavily involved in the war of aggression against Yemen, being a partner of Saudi Arabia.

According to UNICEF, since the beginning of the intervention led by Saudi Arabia and its' allies in Yemen in 2015, about 2,400 children have been killed and 3,600 maimed in Yemen.

Saudi Arabia has been using the precision-guided weapons provided by Washington to strike the civilian targets in Yemen.

The Yemeni Ministry of Human Rights announced in a statement on March 25 that the war had left 600,000 civilians dead and injured until then. The war and an accompanying blockade have also caused famine across Yemen.

In September 2014, the Ansarullah fighters took state matters in their hands in Sana’a amid the absence of an efficient government there.

Before gaining control of the capital, the Houthis had set a deadline for the political parties to put aside differences and fill the power vacuum, but the deadline was missed without any change in the impoverished country’s political scene.

However, the former Saudi-backed president, Abd Rabuh Mansur Hadi, later stepped down, refusing a call by the Houthi movement to reconsider the move.

Hadi then fled to Saudi Arabia, which launched a military campaign against Yemen along with a number of its allies in March 2015 to reinstall Hadi and crush the Houthi movement.


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