Tehran (IP) - Iran's Minister of Information and Communications Technology says the country will soon be able to stabilize its satellites in the LEO orbit by launching a system of operational satellites.

Iran PressIran News: Issa Zarepour said on Monday at the 21st International Conference of the Iranian Aerospace Association: "We will soon achieve the technology of satellite stabilization in the LEO orbit."

The satellites that are located at a relatively small distance from the earth's surface are called low earth orbit satellites or LEO. The maximum height of this type of satellite is between 320 and 800 km from the earth's surface.

Previously, Omid, Rasd, and Navid satellites were also launched into space with Iranian launchers and were successfully put into orbit, but they had a short orbital life. Stabilization in this layer requires the launch of an operational satellite with an orbital life of more than 3 years.

The Minister of Communications added: The government's view of the space industry is a strategic one, and this industry can solve many of the country's problems.

He said: The country's ten-year space roadmap is completely clear and this will lead to progress.

Referring to the country's space achievements, Zarepour said: We had 6 space launches last year.

In the end, pointing out that data collected by the satellites can be used in many fields, he added: We hope to be an exporter of space services in the near future and to be able to provide stabilization services for small and semi-heavy satellites in the LEO.


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