Manama (IP) - The Speaker of Bahrain Parliament welcomed the presence and participation of the Iranian delegation in the World Inter-Parliamentary Assembly in Manama and called for the expansion of relations between the two countries at different government and parliamentary levels.

Iran PressIran News: The representatives of parliaments of 178 countries, including the representatives of the parliamentary delegation of the Islamic Republic of Iran, gathered in Manama, Bahrain, to hold the 146th IPU Assembly. This year's slogan of this summit is to promote peaceful coexistence and a culture of tolerance.

The inter-parliamentary world meeting will continue until Wednesday with various parliamentary orders in Manama, Bahrain.

Ahmed bin Salman Al-Muslim, Speaker of the Bahraini Parliament, on the sidelines of this meeting, in a meeting with Mojtaba Rezakhah, the head of the inter-parliamentary council of Iran's parliament and the accompanying delegation, stated that raising the level of bilateral relations and seriously removing existing obstacles from the main programs is the main agenda for Bahrain.

Ahmad Bin Salman Al-Muslim stated that the Bahraini parliament, along with the government, wants to improve bilateral relations with Iran, and at the beginning of the matter, Manama wants to reopen the air routes between the two countries.

In this meeting, Mojtaba Rezakhah, also pointed out to the common cultural, historical and religious background of the people of the two countries.

Appreciating Bahrain's hosting, he said that Iran always has a positive approach in cooperation with the countries of the region and that Bahrain's proposal in expanding the level of parliamentary relations and exchanging delegations is welcomed.


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