Tehran (IP)- The CEO of Iran's Touring and Automobile Club says that in the coming spring, Iran will organize three international rallies including Persepolis-Acropolis (from Iran to Athena), the countries of the Persian Gulf, Caspian, and Tajikistan.

Iran PressIran News: The CEO of the tourism center, Mohammad Hossein Sufi held a press brief on Mar.13, 2023, and told IranPress in an interview: "One of our fields of activity is the issuance of international documents. We issue license plates, certificates, and international car cards."

He said that the tourism organization even provides the services online, and compared to last year, it faced a 50 growth in the issuance of the certificates.

Referring to the holding of international tourism exhibitions, he said: We held the Fitor tourism exhibition in Spain, and the MITT exhibition in Moscow is coming up, and representatives will be dispatched from tomorrow.

He also said about the borders where private cars and motorcycles can travel: None of the borders that are open have any problems with entry or exit. Turkmenistan has promised to allow the movement of private cars on its border, and it will be realized early next year. 


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