Tehran (IP) - Iran's first Vice President and visiting President of Belarus explored ways to accelerate the implementation of agreements.

Iran PressIran News: Referring to the serious determination of the governments of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Belarus to promote relations and economic interactions at the highest possible level, Mohammad Mokhber emphasized the Iranian government’s readiness and determination to seriously support the promotion of relations between the two countries.

Economic relations between Tehran and Minsk should be developed along with political relations, he added.

He described signing the comprehensive cooperation roadmap and seven cooperation documents between Iran and Belarus as paving the way for a new level of relations between the two countries.

The common will and strategy of the presidents of Iran and Belarus have created a suitable opportunity for the comprehensive expansion of relations, he noted.

Referring to the capacities and capabilities of Iran and Belarus to meet mutual needs, Mokhber said that with the promotion of cooperation in the fields of industry, oil, insurance, agriculture, and transportation, we will see fundamental changes in the level of exchanges between the two countries.

Considering Iran's capabilities in the field of oil and petrochemicals and the capacities of Belarus, we can become an important hub in the region, he added.

Iranian knowledge-based companies in the field of pharmaceuticals and automobiles have made significant progress over the last few years, and we are fully prepared to open a new chapter in bilateral relations with the help of experts and the private sector, Mokhber said.

One of the capacities of cooperation between the two countries is the North-South Corridor, which should be finalized with the help of the two countries, and the necessary facilities in the field of rail, sea, and air for the development of freight and passenger transportation in this important corridor should be finalized.

Referring to the Western countries’ sanctions against freedom-seeking nations, he said that sanctions are a good opportunity to rely on the internal strength of scientists, and the Islamic Republic of Iran was able to make significant progress in the fields of science and technology by bypassing these sanctions.

These experiences at the current stage can be used to facilitate and expand relations, he stated.

Meanwhile, Alexander Lukashenko said that the Iranian companies’ products can be supplied at the global level, and by promoting joint cooperation, we can be the foundation for the export of these products at the international level.

He emphasized the need to accelerate the implementation of economic, commercial, and industrial agreements, saying: "Very good agreements have been signed with the president of Iran during this trip, and we hope that with the determination of the heads of state of the two countries, there will be areas of cooperation between Iran and Belarus."


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