The border guards of Iran and Iraq have jointly strengthened the security measures at the shared borders to prevent illegal infiltration of people while preventing smuggling.

Iran PressMiddle East: "In order to preserve the security of the shared borders and improve security cooperation between Iraq and Iran, the Commander of Iraq's 3rd Border Region Major Hussain Abdul Hadi Mahbuba, and the commander of Iran's Khuzestan Province Border Region had a meeting," According to the Tuesday edition of the Arabic version of Baghdad Today daily, the Iraqi Border Guards said in the communique.

The communique said, "The meeting was in the framework of coordinating both sides' efforts aimed at boosting border security of the neighboring countries and reducing the smuggling and penetration of people into the other side."

The Iraqi interior minister had earlier said that 6,000 police forces had been deployed along Iraqi Kurdistan Region's borders with Iran, adding, "The borders are Iraq's red lines, and Baghdad will not ignore the security of its borders."


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