Vienna (IP) - On the sidelines of the 66th UN's annual meeting on narcotic drugs, the Islamic Republic of Iran set up an exhibition of the narcotics it seized from the drug traffickers.

Iran PressEurope: Iran lies on a main transit route for the smuggling of different kinds of Narcotics from Afghanistan and Pakistan to countries across the Middle East and in Europe. 

According to reports, Iran has spent 700 million dollars to build a wall along its 1,800-kilometer border with Afghanistan and Pakistan in a bid to clamp down on smugglers.

The annual meeting of the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs kicked off on Monday in Vienna with the presence of Iran's Secretary General of Drug Controlling Headquarters Eskandar Momeni.

Parts of Iran's endeavors in the fight against narcotics have been presented at the expo in terms of a book for the participants in the meeting. The images of the Iranian police forces who got martyred in the fight against drug traffickers are also depicted.

Posters portraying Iranian tourist attractions are exhibited, too. 

One of the visitors was the Pakistani Federal Minister for Narcotics Control who met with Iran's Secretary General of Drug Controlling Headquarters Eskandar Momeni and was presented with a report on Iran's counter-narcotics efforts.

Delivering a speech at the annual meeting, Iran's Secretary General of Drug Controlling Headquarters, Eskandar Momeni reported Iran's success to seize 716 tons of different narcotics, including 540 tons of opium, 76 tons of hashish, 30 tons of heroin and morphine, and 30 tons of methamphetamine.


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