Tehran (IP) - Iran's Oil Minister reports about opening a new refinery in the coming days, which is capable of producing 21,000 barrels of petroproducts per day.

Iran PressIran news: Javad Owji announced the news on the threshold of the Nationalization of the Iranian oil industry, while he was talking to reporters on the sidelines of the cabinet session on Wednesday. 

The complex is the largest distillation unit in the Middle East in Abadan Refinery, which started in September 2017.

Owji said that the current administration has finished and opened 31 semi-constructed projects worth $12 billion, the most significant of which was phase 14 of South Pars and phase 2 of Abadan Refinery. 

In the first part of the latter project, the capacity of the Abadan refinery will be fixed at 210,000 barrels per day, and with the implementation of the second part within three years, the quality of the produced items is planned to meet the European Euro 5 standard.

Still, he reported the exploitation of a 270 km gas pipeline from Iranshahr to the Makran coast, southeastern Iran, in the coming days.


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