Tehran (IP) - The Spokesman of Iran's Police Command reported the arrest of 118 individuals involved in the gas poisoning of the girls' schools that happened in the country, recently.

Iran PressIran news: It was for several weeks that some kind of gas is being emitted in the girls' schools in some parts of the country including Tehran, the capital, which led to the poisoning of the students.

Brigadier General Saeed Montazarolmahdi said that some of the poisoning cases were real and a major part was not real and was just psychological fret and fear to disturb the mental security of the society, including the students.

He mentioned the excited teenagers and the use of stinkpot as the main factors contributing to the recent incidents in the schools and said that about 9,000 of the stink bombs were seized and their sale was prevented.

"Those who imported the bombs from the neighboring countries also were arrested," he added. 


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