Tehran (IP)- The Spokesman of Iran's Ministry of Industry, Mine, and Trade, said that the withdrawal of 2 billion dollars from the liquidity cycle, is strengthening the hope for a reduction of the inflation rate next Persian year

Iran PressIran News: Iran's Ministry of Industry, Mine, and Trade Spokesman, Omid Ghalibaf hold a press conference held on Mar. 18, 2023.

Omid Ghalibaf said that the number of participants in the big plan to sell domestic cars exceeded 320,000 people. In this sense, 32,000 billion Tomans of people's funds have been blocked by selected commercial banks.

Ghalibaf emphasized: In the last 24 hours, 55,000 attacks have been carried out on the integrated car allocation system, some of which have been very serious.

He further added: Registration in the integrated car allocation system will be extended for at least one more day, from March 19 to March 20, so people who intend to register can do so by referring to this system.

With regard to the dollar value, he pointed out: People's participation in the plan to sell domestic and foreign cars has exceeded 1.900 billion dollars, and it is likely that the mentioned figure will exceed 2 billion dollars.


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