Gaza (IP)- The spokesman of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) said that Britain supports the Zionist regime and its crimes against the Palestinian people.

Iran PressMiddle East: In an exclusive interview with Iran press correspondent in Gaza, Hamas spokesperson Hazem Qassem stated about the recent visit of the Prime Minister of the Zionist regime to London, saying:

"Britain has supported the occupation in international forums since the establishment of the Zionist regime and even before that."

The spokesperson of the Hamas movement stated that the British Prime Minister's receiving Benjamin Netanyahu in the current situation means supporting the continuation of his crimes against the Palestinian people.

The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) also condemned Britain's welcoming Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and demanded his arrest for committing war crimes in Al-Quds and other West Bank areas against the Palestinian people.

Also, hundreds of Palestinian supporters and opponents of the Zionist regime protested against the recent visit of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Britain in front of the British Prime Minister's building. Demonstrators in London demanded the end of the British government's support of the Zionist regime.  


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