Palestine (IP) - Palestine's Islamic Jihad Movement (PIJ) the victory of the Resistance front in the 'Revenge of the Free' campaign coincided with the 75th anniversary of the Israeli occupation of Palestine, the 'Day of Nakba'.

Iran PressEurope: In an interview with Iran Press, one of the PIJ senior commanders Mohammad Shalah the heroic campaign in which the al-Quds brigades were involved shows that the Palestinian people and groups support the Resistance.

Shalah told Iran Press that the Resistance proved the dignity and strength of the Palestinian nation with its good performance in the "Revenge of the Free" campaign.

He said that the 'Revenge of the Free' contains a very important message that the Palestinian nation is determined to expel the occupiers from the Palestinian land after all these years of occupation: "Our message to the Israeli regime on the anniversary of the occupation of Palestine is that your existence in the Palestinian land is not permanent and we will expel you, the Zionists, from our country."

The PIJ commander said that the Resistance's missiles have reached the north of Palestine which indicates that Tel Aviv is not safe from the attacks of al-Quds brigades, as the Palestinian fighters could rub Netanyahu's nose in it and force 4 million Zionists to resort to shelters.

The regime began the bombardment of the Gaza Strip on Tuesday morning, during which at least 30 Palestinian people lost their lives, including 4 women and 6 children and 6 commanders of al-Quds brigades, and more than 147 others were wounded, so far.


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