Tehran (IP) - The commemoration ceremony for the anniversary of releasing Khorramshahr was held on Wednesday morning at the Imam Khomeini Mausoleum.

Iran PressIran news: Khorramshahr releasing day was one of the most important actions during the Iran-Iraq war, which took place after 578 days of occupation. This operation was carried out by the Islamic Republic of Iran Army commended by Ali Sayyad Shirazi) and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (commanded by Mohsen Rezaei).

Ali Fadavi, the deputy commander of the Islamic Republic of Iran Guards Corps, said in this ceremony said God's promise has come true and the Islamic Revolution Front has always won.

He added: "Imam Khomeini changed people's beliefs and the result was the victory of the Islamic Revolution."

Referring to the 3rd of Khordad, (May 24) he said: "Khorramshahr's release day is a great day. We must believe in God's promises and the more we do our divine duties and responsibilities, the better the result will be."

Fadavi added: "According to God's promise, all the people of the world will experience the Islamic government."

Fadavi emphasized: "Iran did not fight with Iraq for eight years, but fought with 87 countries. This war continues in different forms, but according to the leader of the revolution, the global geometry is changing."

Some IRGC and army officials attended the ceremony and paid tribute to the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


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