Iran's ambassador in Russia, Mehdi Sanaei has said the Sochi summit is an emphasis on regional cooperation.

Iran Press/Europe: Sanaei said in a Twitter message on Monday that Sochi Summit indicates how important the development of regional cooperation is in the establishment of peace and stability.

Commenting on the 14 February Sochi summit  which is  being held in the Russian Black Sea resort of Sochi, with the participation of Iranian, Russian and Turkish presidents, Sanaei wrote: The external and American copies like what is happening in the Polish capital, Warsaw, have already brought nothing to the region but instability and expansion of terrorism, IRNA reported.

Earlier this morning, Iranian president arrived in Sochi city to take part in the summit on Syria.

Pointing that his trip to Sochi takes place at the official invitation of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, President Rouhani said before his departure that regional security, the fight against terrorism, and the situation in Syria will be discussed in detail. President Rouhani added: "Fighting terrorism is the main goal of Iran, Russia, and Turkey, and we shall pursue this goal until its logical conclusion."

The situation in Syria after US forces withdrawal from the country, the formation of Syria constitutional committee, the review of the latest developments in northern Syria and ways to dispatch humanitarian aid to the Syrian people are the subjects for discussion in Sochi.


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