The secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council Rear Admiral Ali Shamkhani said on Sunday that US policies in this region are about to collapse.

Iran Press/Iran news: Touching upon the regular humiliation of Saudi Arabia and UAE by Donald Trump, Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council Rear Admiral Ali Shamkhani said America is really a ‘paper tiger’ and the Islamic Resistance Front has shown how fragile America's power is.

Blood wins over the sword

According to an Iran Press report, Shamkhani added: "Although the United States, the West, and some regional countries have used terrorists and mercenaries in an attempt to destroy the Islamic Resistance Front, the younger generation of resistance, the Syrian Army, Iraq's Popular Mobilization Forces, Yemen’s Ansarollah movement, and defenders of the Holy Shrine showed that the West is not the centre of the world, and that America's power can easily collapse and the US can be forced to retreat."

Shamkhani pointedly added: "The world has realized that when it comes to the battle of the wills, blood wins over the sword."

The Failure of Takfiri mainstream

The Rear Admiral added: "The important message of the late Imam Khomeini to the world was that ‘determined nations’ will always emerge victorious on the battlefields, and today, this message has become a culture and a strategy for the success of independent nations of this world."

In further remarks, Shamkhani said: “Despite four years of bombings, crimes, and savageries of Saudi Arabia, the United States, the Zionist regime, and European countries, they have failed to occupy Yemen and subdue its people.”

Shamkhani went on to refer to the defeat of Takfiri terrorists in this region, saying one of the most dangerous and complex threats facing the Islamic world, namely the attempt by Takfiri terrorists to dominate and control the Islamic lands, has now been soundly defeated, thanks to the efforts and devotion of the youth who have grown up with the culture of Resistance.

Shamkhani also stressed that in spite of the great expenses spent on security in the occupied Palestinian territories, one could see that the Zionist strategies have been defeated in providing security for the Zionists in the occupied lands. In fact, the Zionists feel less secure and more intimidated within the occupied Palestinian territories today.

Touching upon the Islamic Republic of Iran’s power and independence, he added, “[US president] Trump and even his inner circle, continuously humiliate Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, with a pharaonic pride.”


Warsaw meeting, 'total failure' for US

Talking about Trump's defeat in forming an anti-Iran coalition in the summit in Warsaw, Shamkhani stressed that this trend shows that USA and its allies will be facing other defeats and failures in the future.

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Iran's top security official also highlighted that the US wanted to sap Iran's nuclear capabilities as well as putting control and limits on Iran's power and achievements in the region. However, he emphasized that the Leader's tact stopped them from doing so.

Shamkhani's remarks came as he was speaking on the second National Conference on Sacred Defense Oral history, held on Sunday during which he said, the Oral History of the Sacred defense shows the fact that when we look at political map of the region after four years we realize that the political and military tools of USA like Saddam Hussein and ISIS have been destroyed completely and in contrast, the power emanating from the culture of resistance is increasing day by day.  203/211/103 

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