Paradise Dream; photo exhibition illustrating Arbaeen pilgrims

Tehran (IP) - 'Paradise Dream' is an exhibition of 3,000 photographs by 110 Iranian and foreign photographers from various countries like Belgium, Australia, and Iraq. The photos portray pilgrims on Arbaeen March, from Najaf to Karbala in Iraq. It is open for 13, from Sep 25 to Oct 7. 207/203

Iran's Sacred Defense at a glance

Tehran (IP) - The war imposed by the Iraqi dictator Saddam's Baathist regime against Iran began 19 months after the Islamic Revolution's victory. With the resistance of Iran's armed forces and people, the enemy was defeated after eight years, and the memory of the sacrifices remained in the Iranians' hearts and minds as the Sacred Defense. 214

Iran hosts 21st int'l exhibition on building, construction industry

Tehran (IP) - Tehran (IP) - The 21st International Exhibition of Building and Construction Industry was held at Tehran Permanent International Fairground in compliance with all hygienic protocols and with 511 Iranian and foreign companies in an area of 70,000 square meters. Significant companies active in construction materials, equipment, and parts are showcasing their latest achievements and products in the exhibition. 214

75th Navy Flotilla returns home, adding new page in Iran's history

Bandar Abbas (IP) - Iran's 75th Navy Flotilla, including the country's largest warship, IRINS Makran, and destroyer IRINS Sahand, entered the territorial waters of the Islamic Republic of Iran on Thursday, September 9, after 133 days of navigation in the high seas and oceans and traveling 44000 km. 214